here are 2 songs or poems or whatever ive written; i prefer to keep these things to myself but i decided to post these. i can never come up with titles so they're both untitled.

comments etc are welcome.

piece 1.)

Little girl standing on a rock
Gazing out into the green
The land untouched,
Tinged by the sun
Laughing with the girl
Having all the fun

Pretty girl looking past the hills
She owns the land unknown to man
She takes the sky in through her eyes
She breathes the view;
It's no reprise

She rests her body by the burn
And cools her legs without concern
The chilly water's calm caress
Tames her soul and soothes her breast

piece 2.)

Beautiful child
Beautiful hero of hearts
Innocent in existing.
So sweet
The face of good,
The face of innocence,
The face of beauty.
Pure breaths he takes,
Swallowing life as it comes.
The love I feel
Can't be told
Beautiful child, sweet hero.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

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