hey guys, this is my first post so im gonna keep it short and sweet.
I have a bass the v1004 vintage and i am thinking of selling it here it is on gak.co.uk http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/72833 well anyway the only reason im selling it is that i want to get some new guitar stuff ie pedals im think of getting the boss me-50 or maybe a flanger and a superchorus, its a really great bass and if you live in ireland or the uk and are interested then post. its going for £180
Awesome bass!!! Thats a great price for it too! How long have you had it for, are there any marks or chips on it?

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its about 2 years old and has no dents, marks or chips on it... tthe bass itself has 24 frets, is in a red sunburst design it has wilkison tuners, gold hardware and great pickups and is very light for a bass, its very comfortable to play and the neck its very smooth which is great for fast or easeless playing
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