im replacing the tubes for my b-52 at-100. i got it used and it has ****y china tubes in it that are very used. im gonna get tung sol preamp but how many do i need? the manual says 6x 12ax7's. i know the 12 ax7's are the type of tube i want, does that mean i need six? it dusnt look like it though. also is it worth it replacing the rest of them? they are all very used (reverb, power, and rectifier). and last, do i just pull the tubes out? is it that simple to uninstall and install. dont refer me to the tube sticky ive already looked. thank you.
Hmmm last I heard tung sol is chinese. If the manual says you need 6 12ax7s then thats how many your gonna need to buy. Dont know what kind of power amp tubes it uses.
^ What, no? Tung-Sol are manufactured in Russia under New Sensor corp., the same company who own Svetlana S-Logo and Mullard these days, and they make excellent tubes, Tung-Sol are renowned as some of, if not the, best preamp tubes about.

And yes, it's exactly that simple.
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Tbh my post was actually directed at the guy above you, but as long as I got my point across then it's all good.

The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.