Hey guys,

A mate of mine asked me what one of the most expensive mainstream (as in not have to get it custom made) guitar was. The one that sprung to mind at the time was Ibaneze's JEM7. But I'm sure that there's some even more expensive ones.

Feel free to list some off, pictures would be also rad !

Heres the picture of the JEM

That's what came to my mind too, but there are some fender and gibson signature series guitars that are pretty pricey as well. Don't know their names at the moment though.
Wow...thats a sweet guitar. I'm not going to ask how much it costs because that will make me feel depressed.
Fender Frankenstrat, probably.
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that evh replica-25000 usd or something
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I believe that's what you wanted to put up.
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I believe that's what you wanted to put up.

that would be a B**CH to restring.
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I dunno. The Firebird custom VII Is pretty damned expensive
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Ummm the last time I heard anything the most valuable main stream guitar is this and it is valued at 500,000.00, If you can find one. Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959

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