...guitar strings. It's a smell I don't really mind, but it annoys me that every time I play my fingers smell like that. Is there any way, other than just washing my hands (which doesn't really work much) that I can prevent or get rid of this smell after playing?

EDIT: My guitar is electric.
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What are your strings made of? Cabbage?
You mean acoustics? Put new strings on. My electric doesn't have bad smelling strings.
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Uhm. My strings don't smell.

If it's a bad smell, it's probably your fretboard, not the strings. Plus what strings do you use? D'addarios smell divine.
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I know what you mean. Whenever I play my 12string, my hands smell weird.

I don't like it. The whole thing is getting a proper clean when I get home.
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My guitar has 3 strings that are from the factory, 2 exilir strings, and one dean markley

I think it's the factory strings causing the stench
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Whatever you clean your guitar with you might get on the strings too :P

I don't clean my guitar, maybe that's it then?
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I rub chocolate up and down mine, all 4 thick strings, chocolate coated.

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Anyone tried?
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The smell of new guitar amps is pretty nice.
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Yeah, strings have that kind of smell that coins have

Asian fingers?

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The smell of new guitar amps is pretty nice.

Oh, I LOVE that smell.

I also adore the smell of an amp that hasn't been played in a while, and the dust collects on the tubes. When it burns off, it smells really good to me

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