Ello all. I lurk these forums a bit and finally have reason to post...

I started playing not too long ago, I've got an Epiphone LP-100. My Low E string is in tune when it's an E, but it's noticeably out of tune when played on the 1st or 3rd fret (F or G?)

Is the action too low causing the string to hit other frets? The strings are new so I doubt they're stretched.

that means ur intonation is out

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it's probably just the guitar.

I owned it. Be prepared to return it or buy a new one because it's gonna start falling apart.

I only had mine for a couple of months and it was a horrible guitar.

If you want something cheap yet decent I reccomend getting an Epiphone Les Paul Studio.
My epi LP100 is the same. All the intonation in the world doesnt seem to fix it. I dont think they put the frets in exactly where they are supposed to.