i checked the whole site, but i can't even find the words left handed on the damn site.
does anyone know if they have lefties ? i know they do custom shop lefties though (i saw a pic of one in the gallery) but how much would that cost me approximatly ?
If you need to ask about the price, its probably too much. They start at a few grand I think, but I could be wrong.
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e mail customer services.
that usually the best way of finding what lefties they produce.
they will send you a list
I've seen a few at Willcutt Guitars. If anyone has them they will they've been the #1 dealer for PRS since like '02 if I'm not mistaken.

Too bad I can't take full advantage of my local shop lol. They have top notch stuff but at 19 and in college, money is not in my vocabulary haha.

EDIT: Keep in mind they have a lot more in stock than what's shown on their website so I'd give them a call.
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No Im pretty sure PRS doesnt even bother to make anything in lefty. I would like a PRS but as they dont have any in lefty oh well.
I'm telling you call Willcutt Guitars. They frequently have custom PRS's and I would think somewhere down the line somebody ordered a lefty.
PRS made lefty guitars for a few years but the demand wasn't big enough. Every so often they go for a few grand on ebay but they rarely pop up.
edit: PRS Private Stock guitars start at around $8,000 USD, so getting a lefty PRS is going to be pretty tough.
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