I play alot of metal and i need to buy some heavier strings. I mostly play in drop c and sometimes D standard. Right now i have skinny top heavy bottom and theyre ok.

Any Suggestions?
11's or 12's will be all you need in terms of thickness.....I use D'Addario and DR.
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what kind of guitar are you using
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I use SIT brand strings. They stay in tune really good, so they're great for downtuning. Plus, they come with an extra b and e string, so if you do decide to tune back up, and they break your fine.
Get some DR strings... I think I use .11-.50 right now in Drop C and it works just fine.
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DR or dunlop. heavy bass strings are good because if you play drop tuning you want a heavy sound on those strings. people like 11-50 but i like 10-52 because its easier to play on
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Dude use what you like, heavier will be easier in dropped tunings but be careful as the nut might not be big enough you may have to file it outwards to fit the strings so yer.
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