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This morning, after not having used it for a while, i decided to plug in my Slash wah pedal. It worked great, no problems whatsoever. Later today, I fired up my amp, hit the button on the wah, and.... nothing. When the wah isn't on sound comes through but when I turn it on, no sound goes through. This is not a power related problem because I have an AC adapter. The AC adapter powers my other 18v effects fine, but not the wah. What could be wrong?

i dont know about slash wah but my wah is made by the company and i know it says to only use a 9v adapter with the unit
The Slash wah uses 18v, it has a distortion booster so it needs that extra voltage.
Did u plug the cables in the right way? Amp side going to amp and the other side going to instrument? Other wahs make a loud noise when its plugged in the wrong way but the slash wah just stays silent. It seems like such an obvious thing, but ive done it lots.
check and douple check all your conections to the wah, make sure its the right power suply. if its still not working, open it up and see if there is anything loose inside.