I'm stuck for a song to learn at the moment, I'm not really sure what sort of level I should be aiming at as I don't have a teacher and don't really have the time at the moment as I've got exams during the next 4 weeks or so...but I would like to get one after that.

So far I've learn't Wonderwall, the importance of being idle, the intro to Purple Haze, obvious stuff eg Smoke on the water and seven nation army , I know the basic open chords and I'm working on barres but I fancy learning a song with some nice riffs in, but don't know what to try

I was thinking of fade to black by metallica, would this be alright? Or could I learn the rest of purple haze or does it get really difficult? Any other suggestions would be great!

I like most music but mostly classic rock, some pop and odd metallica songs (haven't listened to enough really).

Thanks In Advance,

Well....if you like finger picking, I'd suggest "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. I would like to commend you on learning Wonderwall, because as a beginner, the strumming pattern can be quite difficult. Also "She's A Woman" by the Beatles is an awesome song to learn, and it'll help you with your barre chords.

So keep up the work man and rock on!
Fade to Black would be challenging and might help you improve...
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I'd recommend Master of Puppets, or really any other songs off of the album. A couple might be a bit difficult, but you should be able to get at least the basics on the rest. Anyways, Master of Puppets was the first song that I was really proud of being able to play. It's a VERY easy song to learn how to play, and it has a pretty easy solo too.
^Wtf, I wouldn't call MoP "very easy" to play. Or even easy.

I recommend completely learning all of the songs you know snippets of. You might only be interested in a main riff or solo, but if you join a band one day and they're like "Let's play [insert cover here]" and you only know one section of it, you're going to be in trouble..
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Thanks guys, I may aswell finish off purple haze first while the intro is fresh in my mind, then I'll have a look at fade to black after that!

Thanks very much,