...of an artist's albums do you have? All of them? Half? What artist is it?

I have twelve of Buckethead's albums...

  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Bucketheadland 2
  • Colma
  • The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell
  • Day Of The Robot
  • Electric Tears
  • Funnel Weaver
  • Giant Robot
  • Kaleidoscallp
  • Monsters And Robots
  • Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse
  • Population Override
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I try to have all the studio albums of any artist I'm in to and as many demos, live recordings, singles, b-sides etc etc that I can get my hands on.

The internet has made completeism a lot easier for many of the biggest artists out there.
I own everything Clapton, Muse, Radiohead, KISS and Marilyn Manson. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. DVDs, CDs, B-sides, Singles, books, Vinyls...
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I have all Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Radiohead, Zepellin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, and The Beatles.
The only band I own all the albums for is Led Zeppelin.
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I have all Elliott Smith (7) and Jeff Buckleys (6) major releases.

12 of dream theater's albums. I used to have nearly all of Buckethead's albums, but then my hard-drive fried.
all jack johnson
all of matt costa
all led zeppelin
all the beatles
all of ac/dc
all of bruce springsteen
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i wish i had all those buckethead albums i ordered my monsters and robots in februari and it still hasn't arrived i find it very hard to find albums of buckethead
8 Opeth albums
All 3 of Agalloch's full-lengths
8 Dream Theater albums (including A Change of Seasons).
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Ive got all of Metallicas Slipknot and System of a Downs Studio Albums

Ive got the first 5 of The Ramone's albums including It's Alive (Live album) and 4 others including the last concert.

My dad also has a load of deep purple on vinyl: in rock, fireball, machine head, made in japan (live),who do we think we are (on cd), made in europe (live), last concert in japan (live), 24 carat purple (compilation), their best of album on cd and i've got in rock and made in japan on cd\

also he's got loads of status quo and ac/dc and a few b-52's albums on tape as well
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all 9 manic street preachers, and 1 dvd.
5 katatonia cds
3 radiohead cds
3 metallica cds
3 iron maiden cds
3 muse cds
3 jesu cds
3 deftones cds
2 rage against the machine cds
2 funeral for a friend cds
2 led zeppelin cds
2 byzantine cds
2 burzum cds
2 sunn o))) cds
2 the strokes cds

and another 61 cds i have. but only 1 cd for each band.
I have all of The Offsprings Albums...even the Best of which only features two new songs...one of which is a wise guys cover. I have all Godsmack CDs except the first one...
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
all the brian jonestown masscre, joanna newsom(including all live recordings online/pre record lable)
a lot of devo, jonathan richman, captain beefheart

and lots of other stuff too
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I have all Machine Heads. And All Offsprings.

But the most is all of Princes. There's like 30.
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hmm, I've got all the beatles, white stripes, jimi hendrix, pink floyd, the velvet underground, and a bunch of bands that only put out like two albums so far, like velvet revolver and such.

the only one I'm really proud of is my complete led zeppelin collection, because I made a decision to buy all of their albums on disc instead of doing any amount of downloading.
I'll only count bands who have more than 3 full length albums. A good amount of the bands I listen to only have one or two EPs and LPs out.

I have all albums by Converge, Social Distortion, Velvet Underground, John Cale, Stone Temple Pilots, Jawbreaker, and Fugazi.
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I have all of Megadeths cds including Hidden Treasures and the Warchest. Both their live dvds also.
I also have all of Dream Theaters studio and live albums except for score. I also have all there Live DVD's. I have all the official bootlegs also. Im a Dream Theater nut.

Gambled on Live Scenes From a Memory for 10 at Circuit City in 2002. Best gamble I ever did.
I finally have all of Buckethead's.

Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse was a bitch to find, though. Finally got all of the In Search Of The a bit back.

I've also got DCK, the 27th one signed.

I hope we're talking physical albums here anyway.

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Nine Inch Nails:

-Purest Feeling
-Pretty Hate Machine
-Quake (OST)
-The Downward Spiral [DE]
-The Fragile
-We're In This Together [Disc 1]
-We're In This Together [Disc 2]
-We're In This Together [Disc 3]
-Things Falling Apart
-Beside You In Time
-Year Zero
-Ghosts I-IV
-The Slip
All of AC/DC's Studio Albums, Excluding Blow Up your Video and Let there be Rock as well as Australia Only releases. I have 33% of all DragonForce Albums Too
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David Bowie, I have over half (about 15 albums). I Bowie.

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11 death cab
16 zappa / 6 MOI (22 zappa in total)
18 frusciante
9 floyd
9 porcupine tree
17 primus
20 chili peppers
35 rush
9 hendrix
18 p-funk (9 parliament, 9 funkadelic)

some of those are live albums.. no "best of" things in there though... they are all my highest ones that i could see