Hello. I would like to get opinions on guitar strings.

I have been playing guitar for over 30 years now. When Dean Markley first came out with their "Blue Steel" brand, I tried them, liked them, and have been using them ever since. However, they lately don't seem to be made with the same quality that they used to. I find that the Blue Steel strings anymore come out of the package dirty, and I have to scrub them with a cleaner before I put them on my guitar. These days, there are so many brands to choose from, and you know how the music stores are: every brand is "Awesome!".

Being that I was a teenager in the 70's and 80's, that is the type of music that I still like to play to this day. Black Sabbath (by far the most), Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden... you get the idea.

I play a custom-built B.C. Rich Bich that I had made for me around 20 years ago. Back then, you could have one truly custom-built. You did not have to select from some list of "available options". It was built by Bernie Rico himself.

I use 9-42 gauge strings, and tune to E flat.

Now that I have given a little information about myself, Would anybody care to recommend any brand(s) of strings that you feel I might like?

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.
I play Ozzy and Maiden sometimes, but I have a fat strat and tune to standard and sometimes Eb. I use Ernie Ball slinkies. I like them. They don't last too long, but always sound AMAZING when they're new and still have their twang to 'em.

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Well, if you like the non-corrosive properties of Blue Steels, you can buy Stainless Steel electric sets from Ernie Ball on their website. I've been using them for a while, really low maintenance in terms of cleaning them, and they stay bright for a bit longer than standard nickel strings. I ordered 2 sets of .08-38's and 2 sets of .09-42's yesterday from their site.
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i hate having new dirty strings too, so ive found the 2 best are either elixirs or daddarios

daddarios are my personal fave because the packages are airtight sealed so theres no way they can be dirty out of the packet, maybe try some of them, or even better try out a similar set from all the main brands
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prepare to hear everyone say ernie ball and d'addarios. i personally dont like them because they rust super fast. i like dunlop
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I use D'addarios, they're pretty good I have to say, but you should have a try yourself, try different brands, i've heard good things about Ernie Balls, or GHS
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i believe that as long as you stay away from Gibson and Fender strings and other cheaper strings you should be fine. D'addario, Elixer, Ernie Ball, DR, they all make good strings and are all preference.

To my ears Elixer and DR have a sweeter, brighter top end and D'addario has a rounder bottom end. My recommendation is you try every brand out, see which you like. Also some extra points go to D'addario since they put more extra care in strings.
I like D'addarios but i did use Blue steel for a long time, not as long as you mind you. Haha, but i just love the way they feel and sound. I've used Ernie Ball, they are okay to me. I used GHS and didn't like them at all.
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Thanks for all of the advice, guys. Tell me more about Elixer, if you would. Are those the ones that have some type of coating, or treatment, that make them last longer? I'm interested in strings that last. Not because I can't afford to purchase as many sets as I like, but because of this: my guitar is very valuable, and I just can't bring myself to just "slap on" a new set of strings. Every string change ends up taking about 2 hours after I am done with everything. I clean my guitar THOROUGHLY after every session, and I manage to get the Blue Steels to last about 2 weeks. But that is only if I clean them right out of the package. Right out of the package, I can see black stripes on a polishing rag where I was "pinching" the string with the rag and scrubbing it. Without cleaning them first, they don't even last a week. (Having to clean the strings before ever even putting them on account for about the first half-hour of the 2 hours that I was referring to before.)
Out of the Ernie Ball's, GHS and DR's i have played i still prefer D'addarios... But strings are a big prefrence thing, just buy different brands play them for a month then switch out to another company until you find the ones you like. Pretty much what i did..