So, i've been looking to get a new effects pedal, and i've come across this:

Boss ME-20 Multi Effect Guitar Pedal

has anyone here used this before? i need it for live performances. Here's my setup:

PRS Custom 24
Carvin MTS 3212 Combo
Call me Jack.
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My Gear:
PRS Custom 24
Standard MIM Tele
Larrivée LV-09E
Rivera Clubster 45 112 Combo Tube
Boss ME-20 Multi-effects pedal
Boss OC-3 Super octave pedal
My own home-made octave-up pedal
It's alright but with your amp do you really need the amp models? Also what sort of effects are you looking for?
Normally i'd say go for it, but with your rig, i'd get seperate pedals as you obviously care about your tone.
They will sound better.