ok so i have played the guitar for about one year,but i didnt really thought of the idea to play standing up while practicing or playing randomly or i dont know...
i can play basicaly any riff you give me,and some solos that arent too hard at about 120 bpm,16th notes,but now i have a huuuuuge problem...
i bought a strap for my guitar and a few minutes ago tried to play standing up...and then it was like
OMG...i cant play a single powerchord...my left hand is all fu*ked up and i cant basicaly play anything whitout twiching myself or bending my whole body to a position where i can play something
i really dont know what to do about this because playing guitar whitout knowing how to play standing up really dosent make any sense
guys help would be greatly appreciated
i dont know ill try to put it higher but im really concerned about this situation...
maybe im just not used to playing it standing up ? but its weird how my left hand fingers are all funny when im playing standing
damn,puting the strap higher didnt help much
maybe i should just quit playing,damn im so frustrated
lol dude don't quit, it took me a few weeks to get used to playing while standing. So just practice standing now until you get used to it.
Yeah, it'll feel awkward playing standing up, but it REALLY helps you in the future when gigs come to play, you'd be good at playing standing up.

Also, try sitting down, and adjusting the strap so it holds the guitar the same height as it would be sitting down, and then play standing up like that, so you can get used to standing up, and then you can lower the strap later if you want.
thx dude,i guess im kinda getting better at playing standing up,but my fret hand is killing me...
im used to play classical style,that my thumb isnt over the neck so its really hard to play anything whitout bending my whole arm or body
Either practice a bunch with the strap lower or put the strap up higher. I find that i can play some songs better one way and some the other. If you don't feel like tightening your strap then a helpful tip (or it was for me maybe not for you idk) is to tilt the guitar up a bit when playing the higher frets. The picking is a bit different but the fingering seems easier to me. Just play around and you'll get it!

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When you practice sitting down, put the bottom of the guitar between your legs and angle the neck up. this will help a little bit.
I had the same problem, it doesn't take too long to get over. I'm still not as good standing as I am sitting (I learned sitting), but I'm a hell of a lot better while standing than I was when I first tried
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also, when you play standing up try to move around a little and get used to moving- you don't want to look like a statue at gigs