hi UG users, ill bother you just for a few seconds,
im trying to open the guitar pro file "art of motion" by andy mckee, but my f**king guitar pro doesnt open it
please, is anybody able to download it, open it, and then export it as a pdf file, and then send it to me?
honestly, i, trying to pull it out by ear, but its impossible, i need the tab

the link for the tab is:

and the my email adress is

thank you
as soon as i receive the tab i will delete this thread
open it up. resave it with a slightly different name then open the new file. it happens to me.
try that, and if that doesn't work then i can't help you. but try that for starters.
curently composes with Guitar Pro 5. amazing peace of software. i'd recomend it. and Samplitude recording studio.