Alright, i was thinking that i would buy an acoustic to start out playing and then get good and buy an electric but i realized i would probably play a lot more if i just bought an electric. So id dont want to spend that much in case i dont end up playing much and i still will have to buy an amp and pedal.

So i was looking at the squier affinity detonator and the squier jagmaster. But they are both around the 200 dollar range. Are they even worth buying or for 200 dollars are they junk? Which do you reccommend?
Ibanez RG series.... its around 300$ but its the best low end guitar. You could buy a 15 Watt Peavey or something for 50$
ibanez RG series or Jackson JS series both of these are for mostly heavy metal

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Squier's are amazing.... For their price range their really good.

I would go for Squier manily becauset hey are versitle and when you begin on the GEEeeeeeeeeEEtAAAAAaaRRRRRRRRRRRR! you taste reapidly change.
theres nothing wrong with a squier for your first guitar, just keep good care of it and itll do the job until you decide to upgrade.
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I dont really want to spend 300. I bought an acoustic and never play it. that was a ****ing waste of money right there. I think im gonna buy the detonator. It looks sick and as long as it doesnt sound like **** it should be good to start for a while.

If i change the strings and **** it should sound decent right. Should i change the pickups or anything?
buy a used guitar. if you want a strat, buy a used MIM strat. or buy ibanez. cheaper esp
's suck so don buy those
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i looked up the les paul too and its pretty sick. I dont know. its between the detonator and the les paul now.