Hi guys, I'm buying my first guitar soon. I pretty much had my heart set on the BC Rich Virgo ( http://www.activemusician.com/item--BC.VOGCO ), then I just came across the ESP AX260 ( http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?itemid=61350&sourcetype=singleitemsearch ). Now their look is very similar. But that's not quite the most important thing in buying a guitar anyway (although you do need to like the look ). Another thing in deciding is the price. Well... they're the same. So this is where you guys come in. Me being pretty new to guitars, but not to music/instruments in general, I'm not sure what would make one of these guitars better than the other. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks a bunch.

i haven't played either one of them personally. But i think the AX-260 looks better.

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well, although the ESP is agathes, it is neck through constuction with Mahogany, so i think the wood underneath the pickups could be mahogany which is the most important section of the body, the B.CRich is bolt on ,made out of a different form of Mahogany, neck thru's more sustain and darker tone, bolt on sharper tone slightly less sustain, not a huge problem, lots of good guitars are bolt on
not a bc rich get the esp they are much better!
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Go with the ESP Model bro. In my opinion the ESP looks better than the BC Rich. And I own an ESP LTD Model guitar F-250 and I love all the features of the guitar. If you asked for my honest opinion I would tell you to go with the ESP guitar. Either way I hope that you can pick one out and enjoy it to its fullest potential. ROCK ON!!!
Ok, thanks guys. It seems like you guys are all mostly for the ESP AX260. Like I said I just found that recently, but I sorta like it more too. So I'll probably go with that.

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This is obviously a question you could answer yourself after playing both.

True, except the fact that I've gotta drive over an hour and a half just to play/buy the ESP AX260, and that's the only store around here I can use. Or I could get that guitar off the Sam Ash site I posted, which is that same hour and a half store anyway. The BC Rich Virgo you can't buy at Sam Ash so I would HAVE to get it online, and then I would have already paid for it, and would never know if I had a good deal or not, cause I'd be stuck with it.