all right, so something is wrong wit my computer, and i need the computer people of the pit to help

so il start with how my computer is when i start it up. The backround desktop is always blue and says in the middle Warning! spyware has been detected on you computer. You need to download an antivirus. Then a popup appears saying some file cannot be scripted. After i click ok or exit out of it and wait a second, these bugs start crawling from the edge of the screen.

Now i have to say something. When you see bugs crawling aroud on your screen, it freaks the **** out of you. They only go away when i move my mouse.

So to do something about this, i go to my symantic antivirus program and decide to run a scan. The only problem with this, is that it doesn't scan anything, it just says completed after i hit scan. So i went on microsofts website and i downloaded windows defender. I scanned everything on my computer and nothing was found.

I will add though, that this last time i started my computer, after all the bugs went away and i set my backround to something different, a microsoft thing came up and asked if i wanted to continue to block some file program thingy and i said yes. Then it asked if i wanted to send an error report to microsoft and i said yes.

This thing hasn't actually slowed down my computer or done anything except what i have already told you, but i still obviously want it gone. So please help!
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Pretty interesting virus.
Symantec sucks, in personal opinion.
As stated above, Spybot Seek & Destroy
I would also suggest Avast or AVG as anti-virus. They're both free, and both work quite well.
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