So I figured it'd be worthwhile to look into getting a small amp, and some stomp boxes. I'm settling on either the Epi VJ, or BH Little Giant 5, I think. I've heard the BH handles pedals better, but I'm not sure. Suggestions?
I've heard the same thing... But on that note i would just take a pedal or two up to your local shop and test them out on both amps and see... Usually I take two of my pedals and my guitar up anytime i test out anything im truly thinking about buying.
I can't see one "handling pedals" much better than the other.

For what it's worth, both of my Valve Juniors took mostly any pedal without complaint.
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Yea only issue i can see is the Blackheart having more eq controls so you can tweak around the pedal easier or it might be a line level thing... Shrugs shoulders who knows...
i kinda heard the opposite, that the vj handles pedals a bit better because it has a more open circuit. that said, my blackheart takes pedals very nicely. so i dont really think you will have a problem with either taking pedals. i like the blackheart a bit better because of the 3/5w switch. the eq controls are nice, but an eq pedal on the vj would work just as well. but the 3/5w switch gives some nice tonal differences. both a great amps though, so i dont think you can go wrong.