The quotes on "gig" are very appropriate ,cos it's basically a glorified musical show n tell at my school. But the teacher asked if I wanted to do it, and I was like what the hell. I have ten minutes, so I'm keeping it to three songs, one of which I might cut. None of these songs are instrumentals - I'm not good enough for that :P
My set-list is (no order yet)
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix
Be Yourself - Audioslave

So nothing obscure there, then
But I'm going solo, so the verses might be a bit empty - I have a rhythm track to Sweet Child, but no vocals on it, and for the other two, I'm basically on my own - no way am I singing! So I wanted to ask you guys if you knew of any way to cut the lead guitar from those songs so I could just use the originals, or if you had good backing tracks for any of them?
Also, what's the best order? I'm not sure if I want to start with a Guns N Roses- bang, or start quiet with Be Yourself, and end on the mental breakdown of Sweet Child - I might cut Hey Joe or Be Yourself, not sure
if you have a bass or something you could try recording the bass parts

alot of sites have backing tracks, try that out

maybe try turning the bass right up and the treble right down on the track

some classy CD players have something called 'Voice Cancellation' or 'Karaoke Mode' where it cuts out the vocals and probably lead guitar
get yourself a band, son!

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Best thing I would suggest If your doing these on your own and not in a band is do them acoustically - simple but effective.
Ahh what a shame my recording gear is busted if i get some new in time i will be in front line to record the rhythym guitar and the bass for ya'
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Well, I've got a singer, but our band is like newborn - and it's too much effort.