My Fender Super Champ XD is apparently stock with 6V6 power tubes. Which according to this thread only pushes out 20 watts[for 2 of those]. But what's actually in it are 2 6L6EH tubes. Meaning it gets around 30 watts class A. Could I put different power tubes in or are 6V6's and 6L6's/EL34's the only ones that fit?
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6L6s should work, but you'd need to rebias. It is unlikely that the amp can handle EL34s.
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Would it work if I rebias the amp and swap out the 6L6's[came with it when bought used] with these tubes http://www.tubedepot.com/so-6550we.html?

The question at hand really is[now] do the 6550 and 6L6 tubes have the same plug as for putting it in an amp?


the socket is the same, but the requirements are different. If the transformer could handle running those tubes, and the bias control modded so it could accommodate the higher bias current required for those tubes, you would still need to consider whether they would even physically fit next to eachother in the sockets. That and heat issues, those tubes run HOT.
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It's not class A; and putting bigger tubes in it won't raise the wattage much, if at all. If it was possible, everyone would be doing it. The biggest (currently produced) tubes you can put in it are 6L6s. Others need more heater current, which will fry your power transformer.
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