Howdy all, I hadn't written anything in ages until a couple of days ago I was inspired to write something. Here it is! The guitar (PRS SE Custom) was recorded straight into my Tascam DP-01FX with the "clnvrb" effect and it turned out surprisingly well. The drums (as usual) come curtesy of a keyboard and vocals were recorded with a cheap-ass dynamic mic. My mic technique wasn't great (especially at the start of the 2nd verse) and I'm not a singer by nature.

Any crit would be much appreciated and I'm more than happy to give crit back.


The song (as the title suggests) is called "Awakening"
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The intro acoustics are nice.
When recording vocals, make sure you always use a "Pop Filter" or have it properly placed as you can hear a few pops in the voice.

Over all, not too bad

Crit Mine?
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love the intro .. but you should work on your voice.
over all.. not bad at all !
Very nice - I really liked the opening and the chord sequence. The outro - also very nice indeed.

Cheers for the input on my piece, btw.