I am strongly considering picking one of these up as a backup for my MIA stratocaster (2007) as their price has become alot more reasonable in the last few months (550 down to 399 CAD), and I was strongly disuaded from buying a vintage modified squier by many people here. However, I cannot decide on a tele or a strat.

I would consider getting a strat, just for the purpose of having a very similar set of tones in my backup as I have in my main axe.

I could get a tele, just for variety, as it makes little sense to have two of the same guitars. I don't really need that tele tones, as I have them custom wired into my strat, but it could be cool to have a tele bridge pickup sound to work with.

My other problem is deciding on a finish. I am leaning towards a maple board, but i have no clue on body finishes.

Anyone have anything to add to my dilema here? Is it worth putting a middle strat pickup in a tele for the ultimate in a versitile fender?


PS: I should add that I am a huge blues nut, listening to alot of SRV, clapton, Cray, Hendrix and basically all blues guitarists, but i also play a fair bit of rock and some satch type shred. Amp and pedals is a FM212R and a Boss Me-50, however for practice I will run it through a line 6 15 watter, which is a good little amp for the price.
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Well since you've already got a strat, why not get the Tele?
get a strat. i believe that a tele is a crappy version of the strat.
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Yea, but get a maple fretboard. I hear the rosewood boards are not too great. The ultimate choice in finish is gotta be sunburst. Or arctic white.
Quote by apak
get a strat. i believe that a tele is a crappy version of the strat.

funny since the tele came first...

I am thinking towards the tele now. Would dropping in a mid pickup and some custom wiring the switching work well?
Id get a tele but thats because Ive been wanting one for over a year now and refuse to part with my V to afford it. But if you want another strat to throw one in standard and the other 1/2 a step down thats good too.
Fender's "Deluxe Series" has a Telecaster with a strat pickup already installed.

With Fender's Mexican-built guitars, shop around for a good one. Most of the MIM Fenders at my local GC have horrible fret jobs, the necks feel like cheese graders.
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I just got a Nashville deluxe tele (roughly $600 with hard case) and it has the tex mex strat pickup in the middle. def check it out
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I'm not big on tele's with more than two pups, honestly. I dunno, just feels 'wrong' to me.

Would you like to have a tele? If you do - then get it. However, if you don't particularly care for it, just get another strat. There's no shame in it.

As for the finish - it's all personal. You'll find the one that you like.

Quote by apak
get a strat. i believe that a tele is a crappy version of the strat.

Well, you can believe whatever you want, but it's just not true.
Get a maple board for a tele. It's going to help the brightness of the pickups.
Get a rosewood board for the srat though. They make strats sound like strats.

Personally, I'd go for the tele. If you have a good MIA strat, then why bother with a lower quality one?
Quote by apak
get a strat. i believe that a tele is a crappy version of the strat.

nope, it's just different

and to the thread, i believe it's a good idea to get a MIM strat as a backup for any problem on stage, you'll have to change settings if you get a tele for backup (because of the brightness on it's tone)

you can modify the strat to achieve similar tele tones (As you did with the other one)
If you want a back-up and more tones, get the Tele. If you want a backup that sounds more similar to your main guitar, get the Strat.

I'd personally get the Strat because I'm much bigger fan of Strats than Teles, but I think a Tele would be better for you. Also, if you ever need to change guitars during a show, the tonal difference won't be as apparent as some people are making it sound...
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why not get a better amp?

not really in the mood for that. The tone I get right now out of my rig is very good, and im not really ready to drop 2 grand on a new amp and pedals so no thanks.

Thanks for all the input gentlemen. I will probably go with the tele, seeing as I already have the strat, and as It would seem useful to have both a strat and a tele for recording, as I like the sound of both. I will probably throw a 4 way switch in (to get the two pups in series) and a concentric tone pot, but other than that I will leave it stock.

I have played the nashvil tele, but I was never a fan of the tex mex pickups, either in that tele, or in the HSS USA Strat. A little too bright for me I found.

Thanks for the help!!