After finally deciding to return my EX50 which I recieved the other day, on wednesday and yesterday discovering it had become faulty, the guy said I can return it for a new one, of a EX50. But, after discovering that the EX50 is a Bad Guitar, looking at Wood type, Pickups, and craftmanship ect, I've decided I might use the cost of the EX50 and add about £310 Pounds to get a Olympic White EX400, which I heard is absolutely awesome.

I'm currently using a Line6 Spider III 75 Watt amp which I've had no trouble with, But I hear people saying, 'You won't benefit from the Pickups as much with that amp'.

I don't see what the problem is. But I really need to get a new Guitar, and the EX400 is the only one that I can see fits my style. Heavy Metal/Thrash/Hard-rock/classic rock.

I'm probably gonna get a new amp around september time for my birthday, and I'm just coming here to ask for some advice on this little issue.


Ta in advance.
yeah. they're nice guitars. I was considering one. But I play way more varied styles all over the shop, so you know went against it. Liked it for metal though.
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