i need some help wiring my guitar. here is my self made schematic, which failed nearly entirely.

now, im fairly certain that the input is wired correctly because when i plug it in, i hear a clicking sound, but the pickups do not work correctly and since they are down i cant really test any thing else.

black= ground
red= hot from pup to volume pot prong
blue= hot from vol. pot prong to switch prong
green=volume pot to tone pot/prong
thanks end citizen, your diagram isnt quite what i wanted to do, but ithelped and now im getting a signal.
alright. i have everything wired up and have tested my guitar but the output from the pickups is very weak and all but inaudible without my amp being at full power. also, my tone and volume pots do nothing.

i used this diagram, but i did not use mini toggles, i used 3 switches that came in a variety pack from radio shack. two have two prongs and one has 6 prongs. the switches work correctly, but i cant figure out how to wire them to the volume/tone pots so they actually do something.

if you are trying to compare my drawing to the diagram i used keep in mind that that humbucker is actually two single coils right next to each other