hi this is my first post here and iwas just going to ask some questions.

right now a have a fender strat. i have had it for about three years and i like it alot. However, i also like the sound on the epiphone sg and les paul. i mainly play classic rock and blues.

i was just wondering, is it worth it to get a new guitar or should i just keep the strat as is or should i get new pickups for it, etc.
My only advice is to go to a shop and try different guitars. You might not like some or fall in love with one. If you feel more confortable with a Les Paul, go for it. The SG's not a big blues guitar tho.
i have been trying them all, i noticed that the les paul is much easier to play for me, but is it worth stepping down form a fender strat to a epiphone les paul, will there be a huge loss in quality?
do you feel it better than your actual strat?
if you like more the feel of the epi no matter how cheap it is go for it

the are "cheap" instruments that play like 1000$ for some people
is matter of taste
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For blues, The Strat is great, but so is the Les Paul, got to the store, and try one, but try one you can buy, and try to play it through the amp you have, if they have one in the store.
Well its all about what feels good and sounds good to you. Id personally consider getting a les paul because you'd give yourself such a range of tones between a strat and a les paul, i think you could accomplish almost any tone. Always like a guitar's natural tone before you buy it and then think of modding it with new pickups btw.
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i use to have a Gibson SG Standard and a Fender Mex Strat, now i want a LP.. always have

imo, Strats are really twangy, LP's are real smooth/warm and the SG's fit in between, leaning more towards the LP sound

the SG was the easiest to play on but the Strat and LP arent hard to play on at all

but i love the LP sound, so thats what i want next

id go to the store and play all three and see which one you like the most