I prefer to tap with the tip of my pick instead of my finger because I find it easier to play faster and the tone is a little crisper. But my friend who's been playing awhile gave me this huge rant that I should be tapping with either my index or my middle finger.....so is it really that bad that I tap with my pick?
I used to use my pick a lot unitll i heard how good my friend sounded with his finger. I couldnt do it with the finger well until i practiced and if i tap with my crybaby one and pointed forward it sounds great.
I find it easier to switch from using my plec to tapping with my finger and back than with my plec but do whichever you find easier.
pick tapping is a whole different technique just look at joe satriani in the g3 in 03 dvd
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Neither is wrong.....I myself prefer the sound of finger tapping but others prefer picks.....
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i prefer my finger, cause i do a pull off when i release my finger so it sounds more natural to my ears, makes it "flow" if u get me. however i do find it easier 2 tap fast when i use a pick.

ive been told theres also an accuracy issue, as ur more accurate with ur finger than u are with a pick. but that could just be me again.
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Everyone has their own unique style. If you ever become famous, people will tell their friends about how sweet your tapping technique is.
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I alternate between the two, but I tap with my Fingernails as well as my Tips so I don't really see the point of pick tapping.
They actually produce completely different tones so I would say you should learn to do both. Some things will always be easier but you should at least try to learn all you can.
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I wouldn't say they are TOTALLY different. I find pick tapping more pronounced then finger tapping but finger tapping to be more fluent and less robotic sounding.