Okay.. so what kind of gear does Randy use..
specifically, on this album:


but yeah, I think those sound alot better then the original studio ones..
maybe because of recording and such?

or did randy use different gear?

but what does he use in that tribute album?
does he use that mxr distortion over his marshalls distortion?.. I've heard that he did.. but I'm not sure if he did at that live show or only on like the studio recordings.
if so which mxr pedal?

and what else?
I have the guitars settled.. I have a LP standard, and an RR1 which he used both so they'll do I assume :P
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I used to have a big list on my old computer of all sorts of gear that a lot of guitarists used. I lost it once I bought a new one.

At any rate, if I remember correctly, Randy did use quite a bit of MXR stomp boxes. So check into those.
yeah, he used the EQ, Chorus, Distortion, and something else if correct..

I just want to know if he used the distortion in the video I posted? o.o
and if the link I posted to musiciansfriend is the right pedal..
I like the tone he has in the tribute album alot more then on the studio recordings.
Alright. I found a list of gear he used that I think MAY have been used on the Tribute Album. Don't hold me to it, though.

MXR Distortion Plus
MXR 10-Band Graphic Equalizer (generally boosted to enhance his midrange)
MXR Stereo Chorus
MXR Flanger
Cry Baby Wah Pedal
Roland Volume Pedal
Korg Echo (occasionally, a Roland echo was used)

I'll see if I can find some settings.
thanks a bunch!!

the biggest thing I want to find out is if he used that distortion on the tribute album
lol dude I love you.

thanks man!!
this is perfectttt

gonna' test the stuff out at like guitar center or something soon to see what to get =]

oh yeah one last thing.. anyone know what guitar he used on the album?
after this I'm set =]
probably was that flying v.. or maybe a combo of them?
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