I just learned fingerpicking so what are some easy finger picking songs.
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Metallica .. uhmm Nothing Else Matters, Fade To Black, and the intro to Call of the Ktulu.

Also Kansas Dust In The Wind
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The Nobodies (Acoustic Version) - Marilyn Manson
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unchained melody
good riddance
house of the rising sun
jeux interdits (spanish romance)
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Freight Train is pretty much the entrance slip. You might do well to get a book on fingerstyle. When you learn the techniques, you can play any song if you know the chords.
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"we're gonna be friends" by the white stripes= easy

'blackbird' of course its a bit harder though

blackbird is actually pretty easy if you dont strum with the middle finger while fingerpicking
Blackbird was the first song I learned ever. Even before any strumming song with chords. That's how I got hooked onto finger-picking. I'm so glad I did.
if you're going for a more traditional spanish style then spanish romance and malaguena are pretty kool...i got spanish romance pretty quickly but malaguena is a little more of a challenge...