Hey, I just recorded this song today. It's mostly black metal, mixed with a little death metal. It has a kind of Necrophagist style solo, except for the end. I ended the song with a slow, clean, melodic riff. Let me know what you guys think. C4C.
I think it's pretty good

The riffs are spot-on, I especially like the one about 0:30
The quality is actually pretty good in my opinion, raw and atmospheric
About 1:50 and forth you are doing some run down after the main riff... It's seems a bit forced to be honest..
The clean ending suits the rest perfectly, but it needs to be a bit more clean.. It felt a bit untight

The solo isn't that good, it doesn't really fit in with the atmospheric feel of the rest of the song

Overall quite good

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cool song! love the riffs.. and the solo is rly cool, would be even cooler if you had a rythm guitar.

overall , kickass !
I'm honestly not a huge fan of this kind of music. Sound quality is pretty bad, you should look into a recording program (Audacity is alright, and free). I'm kind of trying to fill in the backing track for the solo in my head and I gotta say it doesn't seem like it fits the song very well. Either than that, sounds good.
Pretty good song here dude. I'm also very much into black metal!

The two things I noticed first:
- The riff quality is really good.
- The production quality is really crappy(coming from a darkthrone fan).

This song could be seriously awesome with drums and vocals and a proper recording. Seriously!! The potential for this song is huge. You should get guitar pro and try to arrange the song with drums and stuff in there.

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The riffs are very captivating and I don't think it suffered at all from being ultra lo-fi. Adds to the deserted cabin on a mountain feel. Keep the metal faith alive.
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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Besides the fact that the recording quality is pretty bad, its a good riff. Could use some drums and bass but id lovce to hear finshed!
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