have u bought one, if so is it actually a good guitar?

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Looks pretty good, actually.

But I wouldn't trust it, not over the internet anyway.
is an alder body so you get a bigger selection of genre's including metal,classic rock ,and almost anything you will ever want to play
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they come in a gig bag that is really thick and i use on all my guitars and at $2 for the whole set it is a great guitar it even has a floyd rose i mean how awesome is thatand its got 24 frets and the lower horn is out enough you can reach all 24 frets
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two things

1. no ebay links

2. these guitars are crap, and if you guys do research youll find that out.....
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and it has string locks on the neck the builder (Antoniotsai)said The inlays consist of several hundred pieces of mother-or-pearl and abalone

you r paying $1 or so for a custom guitar
damn that looks good. now do you work for them or something? (you post as if you're pitching a sale.) or have you bought from them? cause it's tempting.
and was trying to help people out but you cannot have ebay links on this forum which i did not realise and i would like to say that im sorry

they are not that cheap, its a selling by bid
plus shipping is over 100 bucks

i would like to say sorry to everyone here at ultimate guitar i admit i used ebay links and if that gets my account banned and this forum deleted then i will deserve it but i would like to tell you all that all i was trying to was help everyone get a good guitar because i have bought some guitars from him and they were my best guitars but no one cares so ill probally be banned and if i am i would like to tell you thanks for listening to me on this forum and goodbye