So I'm going to buy a new guitar sooner or later this year. I'm considering quite many guitars at the moment, two of them beeing the Framus Diablo Pro and Diablo Custom (I'll edit this post in a minute and get you guys some links). From what I've heard, those are absolute top notch instruments. I have played a Framus myself a year ago and it was truely impressive. Sound, materials and build quality were excellent.
The only thing I'm worried about are the tremolos. They're being built by Wilkinson (that's good I guess), but are designed by Framus (don't know what to think about that). Basically, I just want to know if anyone has any experience with these trems and how they compare to, let's say, the trem of a Fender American Deluxe Strat.

Thanks in advance, guys.

The links:

Alternatively, I might go for these guitars. Tell me what you think.
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In order to bump: Does anybody have any experience with the Panthera (third link). It sounds good and feels sturdy, but you never know.
never tried a framus... hopefully this bump will find someone else who has.
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I have a Framus Panthera Studio Custom.

Hands down the nicest guitar I have ever played. Kicked the crap out of an old black beauty and a nitro tele I played the other day.

The range of tones you can get out of it is endless. Crazy low action and this isn't even a plek'd one! (all 2008's are )

You can coil tap both buckers and blend with the central single coil to get strat quacks.

There's a tone bypass switch too, which gives a decent lead boost. Made boost pedals absolutely redundant.

Seriously nice woods. The ovankol neck is beyond smooth and the ebony fretboard is top notch.

Thank you!

But unfortunately I have already played through the whole Framus line-up myself and by now I know how excellent these guitars are (you know, this thread isn't exactly new ). I personally liked the Renegade Pro best, if it came with an ebony fretboard I probably would have chosen it over the Fender CS I bought.

Congrats on the Panthera. I find that if you select the neck pickup on it and roll down the tone knob you get a very unique sound that is almost synth like. I don't know of any other guitar that does that. And the lead-free switch is just sweet. I'll probably buy a Renegade or Panthera someday from ebay.

Nice to see I'm not the only Framus enthusiast here, I was feeling pretty alone.
Haha, I thought I should share my experience with the guitar anyway. There's just not enough info available about framus guitars.

The renegade's basicly a tele right?

Didn't discover framus long ago but I'm sure glad I did!

Edit: And enthusiast isn't quite the right word. Im a bit more enthusiastic than an enthusiast
Yeah, the Renegade Pro is a tele with splittable humbuckers. Great little guitar and surprisingly the cheapest one they make. Depending on the colour you can get it for 800€-850€. They also make a Custom one with a single coil in the bridge and a mini humbucker in the neck position.
It's just extremely cool that you can just pick one up and it plays amazingly right away. Very smooth necks I must say.
Wow thats pretty decent for a new price, still a good 100 quid over what I paid for my panthera though .

Not sure of the point of the custom renegade if you can split the humbuckers?
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Wow thats pretty decent for a new price, still a good 100 quid over what I paid for my panthera though .

Not sure of the point of the custom renegade if you can split the humbuckers?

The real single coil in the Custom sounds better than the humbucker in the Pro splitted. It's for more traditional fellas I believe. Oh, and it looks fancier.