I am building my own first home studio and am currently investigating what kind of equipment I should go ahead and get. In the meantime, I just wanted to play around using a simple Stereo Phone to Mono Phone cable (just like this one http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/194?osCsid=8f3a9ef07fa0bd2230e41f0951ce9df4 But when I plug in my Ibanez AES10EAM, nothing is recording. However, a regular mic works just fine, but nothing happens when I use the guitar. I tried out using an amp in the store, so I know the electronics works. What am I missing here?
Something to amplify the signal. Try the 1 Microphone Boost if you are on Window$.
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You need to up the volume

guitar>amp>output(headphone socket) to mic in

Then play around with the volume

also if I misread that all and you've tried that- wiggle the cable. I use the same method for recording and it gives me hastle if its at the wrong angle
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