I have a Microcube(modeling amp). I will eventually get a small tube amp, like a Blackheart, Epi V.Jr, or Blues Jr., so any effects that I buy WILL come in handy eventually.

However, Guitar Center is having a sale on Monday(allegedly, it's even big for GC) and I really want a Dunlop org. Wah, an EHX Big Muff etc. So, I know it won't sound nearly as good as it would on a "regular" amp, but will it at least sound decent?

I've seen vids of people using FX(like a GT8 or wah on the cube, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQnaXa3rYlA ) and it sounds alright. If I were to use effects, would it work on all channels, or just on JC Clean?
ummm, acoustic, JC clean, and black panel you should hear the effects really well, on brit combo, classic stack, and rectifier, you may not hear it as well but you WILL hear it and it WILL make a BIG difference. i have a microcube and love it, BTW, the effects on it are fine themselves, roland is make by boss afterall
Alright, thanks.

Thing is the cube doesn't really have the distortion I'd like the get, and no wah or fuzz.