I figured the pit would give me answers faster so please don't close and tell me to post somewhere else.

I can't figure out how to change the format of my music that im trying to upload to a UG profile. I am using garage band. Any help is appreciated.
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hmm.. i havent used garage band for a while but instead of just saving the file as a garageband file try exporting it and then select the file type.
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Get the program called "Super"
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I had the same problem for a while. I found this program and it works pretty well (converts garageband files to mp3), and it's free
go to 'send song to itunes' then once the song is in itunes, go to the advanced option on the bar at the top of your screen, scroll down to 'convert selection to mp3' and then it'll make an mp3 copy of it. Just find the one that's an mp3 and use that, and delete the other one.