I'm looking to buy an effects pedal. I'm not an experienced guitarist and I'm lost in the beautiful world of pedals. So if anyone could tell me their experiences with pedals and help, me I'd be more than happy.

What I want is a mild fuzz that has great low end boost and that sound like a Fuzz face. At first I thought I would buy a Hendrix fuzz face and a Boss Blues Driver. But I told myself "hey what if I bought a pedal that could combine both" then I decided to expand my horizons and look somewhere else. I've seen and liked videos of the Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz, Lovepedal Eternity, ZVex Box Of Rock, Fulltone Ultimate Octave (I really like the Octavio growl).

In conclusion I'm looking for a creamy smooth Hendrixian fuzz but that could also be used as an overdrive. The ideal pedal(s) would be a Marshall SLPish, harmonics rich, growling overdrive with a mild fuzz that sounds like Hendrix. Most of all I want a vintage sound.

I'm open to buying two pedals or one that combines what I want.

BTW I have a Strat copy and a Vox AC30

Thanks everybody
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The roger mayer one in my sig is pretty much exactly what you'd want for the fuzz tone, has a volume knob and fuzz knob which goes from light fuzz to extremely hairy. Also it is shaped like a spaceship which is damn sweet. The guy made Jimi's fuzzes for him back in the 60's... can be a little pricey though, I think they are around 200$ or so though I could be wrong. I would think about a good boost pedal for the overdrive... run the fuzz before the boost, put them both on at the same time for some serious mayhem
On the fuzz front, I think the AnalogueMan Sunface is probably the best sounding fuzz I've come across. Definitely worth looking into.
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Yeah I've seen AnalogMan products they are pretty damn nice. I just wanted to add that I want to sound VINTAGE. I love the vintage sound when you can hear the wood of the guitar through a crunchy glassy overdrive.
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