Hi i just recived a Fender Aerodyne Jass Bass for my graduation gift, and i like it very well except it has two thumbrest,( i was personally heart broken when i saw what someone had done to this beautiful guitar) (one for each pickup J&P) I really dont like them but i want to remove them, is there any way to cover up the holes left from the screws, i was thinking about buying some short screws that are the same size and painting the tops black to mach the bass and screwing them flush with the body. but if you have any suggestions please help


Or if they made a very short thumb rest so it would still keep the look of the bass clean
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Those things don't have Pickguards do they?

To be honest, unless you want to fill the hole with filler, and then refinish it, it's not gonna look right again.

You might be able to fill the holes, then paint them, but you could screw that up.