I recently got my hands on my uncle's old vinyl collection (mostly 80's alternative stuff) and I'm about to purchase this turntable to be able to play them:


Is this a good one to buy? I'm gonna be playing this through an old solid state amp (my "stereo"). I don't need anything hi-fi/pro/etc., just something to listen to old tunes with.
What do you want us to say?

All you need it to do is play records, and most record players do that, as it is their intended purpose.
that one isn't very good, get one that's belt driven and intended for home use rather than DJing.
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I looked into both types, but this was the only unit I found that specified having a 1/4" outpur jack, which is what I'm gonna need.
you can get an RCA to 1/4" adapter for less than $5

but you will also need a stereo to mono converter, or you will only be able to hear the left or right channel. I highly suggest getting a cheap stereo amp and speakers actually made for listening to music.
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^ I've got one of those adapters and I've got an old multi-speaker stereo in my basement (pretty nice, still works perfectly), that work?
I myself have like 4 or 5 turntables.

One is an Aiwa (came with the stereo system), the other is my dad's (nameplate scratched off), one I got from my teacher's garage sale, it's an Audiotech or something-tech.

My favorite one though is the Crosley.

It's a company sold through Target. It's pretty neat.

It a stereo system actually. It has a radio, cd player, tape deck, and a turntable. All in the same unit. They're only like $100 bucks.

Google Crosley. You'll see it.

They're awesome.