Top of my head, the only one I know of is "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab for Cutie.
trying to woo a girl named sarah i see
Remember through sounds
Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
-Modest Mouse, "Novocaine Stain"
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Bastard Ctb Grrrrrrrrrrr

great minds think a like?

Sarah - Thin lizzy

when you came in my life you changed my style, my sarah...
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Hall and Oates - Sarah Smile
Bob Dylan - Sara
Fleetwood Mac - Sara
Thin Lizzy - Sarah
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great minds think a like?

Indeed. Its a shame we're both clinically retarded or that rule would apply to us.
Sarah Smile- Hall & Oates

Miss Scourge? PM me.

I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
Song for Sarah - the Samuel Jackson Five
Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.
sarah, sarah, storms are brewing in your eyes
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

Sarah's Song

But I doubt 90s video game music was meant to woo women.
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Worst-Atheists (because 90% of them are arrogant bastards)
Best- Music

90% of people are arrogant bastards, regardless of religion.
Cold and Plain, Conspiracy of Thought.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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What sarah said - death cab for cutie
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"WHY DON'T YOU JUST F*CK OFF?!" So I ran up to her face and went "FINE, I F*CKING WILL" and stuck my hands down my pants and started masturbating. My friends were pissing themselves laughing while she just went "JESUS CHRIST"