disregarding everything else in his discography, how would you rate billy corgans songwriting amongst the greatest of all time circa 1993-1996, excluding the **** he did afterwards....and excluding his singing. Were would you put him amongst the Roger Waters, and the Bob Dylan's/ Neil Young's?
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As a songwriter, he doesn't even come close to matching Dylan - or Neil Young. Also, I don't know if the Pit is the right place for this.
Overrated in my opinion, but there is some stuff that I like from him and Smashing Pumpkins.
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I watched Smashing Pumpkins 2 months ago. They were dissapointing.
Pretty much everything the Smashing Pumpkins did before they split up was gold.

I can't believe you're excluding Gish and Adore from his most productive period.
Not as amazing as Dylan, but still, he was pretty great. MCATIS is ****ing incredible, to say the least. He and Rivers Cuomo were two of the best pop songwriters of the 90's, it's sad to see them have declined so much in recent years.
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Yes, but it's a FACT that most metal artists have more musicainship and technical skill than pretty much all rappers.
Gish and Siamese Dream are masterpieces, I think Billy Corgan was a musical genius. I don't care for much of anything that's on Mellon Collie or later.

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i think he is an amazing song writer, he writes about stuff you can really relate to.. he was deeply depressed during thr SD/mellon collie era, and it shows through its brilliance. i would say he is up there with the greats such as dylan. May be not as good, but he deserves a notable mention.