I am going to start playing jazz soon. what pedals would I need?

right now, I have a chorus, phaser (w/ expression pedal), tremolo, and Space Echo (Boss re-issue).

I was thinking about maybe adding a compressor/sustainer. other than that, I should be fine, right?

Most jazz players I've heard go pretty much straight up and go for the ultra clean tones.


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If by Jazz you mean "free-range-noise-experiment" then yes, those all will be just fine. But if your playing jazz, don't use any? Maybe a touch of delay, but even that's a bit frowned on by some people.
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yeah, for most jazz you don't need pedals, maybe a delay and a wah but that's about it.

Also, you'd better have an amp with excellent clean tones.
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well, Im wanting to have a hugely modded sound. so if I use my chorus, and set the Space Echo for like a slapback, that should be fine, right?
I guess you're gonna be playing like, fusion jazz. If so, yeah, that'll be okay, I'd think. But if you're playing straight up old school jazz, you'd be better off leaving the effects out of it.


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I play jazz with a band, and blues jams with nothing. Any built-in verb is fine, and sometimes a bit of overdrive for dirty blues, or for funk. Otherwise, clean is what you're looking for.
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I'm looking for a Jefferson Airplane meets Mahavishnu type of jazz. Jazz-rock I guess would be the genre. But yeah if it's Django Rienhardt or Sinatra stuff, then yeah dry.
volume pedal is sometimes needed.
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