Okay, so first off, no banjo bashing just because it's a country instrument.

My friend decided that she wants to start playing banjo. She asked her dad and her dad (who plays guitar) said that she should take guitar lessons first and then transfer to banjo. I know a little bit about the techniques of banjo and I said to her that learning guitar first will help with playing banjo.

So I ask to those of you with knowledge of banjo: Is learning guitar first for a little while then switching to banjo something that would make banjo easier to play? Or should my friend just go straight into banjo.

Thanks UG
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I'm so sick of these banjo threads. Guitar doesn't transfer to banjo. I play guitar and banjo.
Learn guitar first because more people think it's cool. Then go to banjo once you have people's respect.
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my problem with banjoes aint kuntry, my problem with kuntry is banjoes.
make her learn the skin flute.
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Guitar and banjo are inherently different. Just because they're both fretted does not mean that the technique and tuning isn't completely different.
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Guitar and banjo are inherently different. Just because they're both fretted does not mean that the technique and tuning isn't completely different.


From what I've heard, banjo is solid.
yes, the banjo is tuned differently, and the right hand technique is FAR from that of the guitar, getting her left hand fingers used to chords and such will significantly help her with the banjo later on, as most guitar chords use three or more fingers, whereas banjo chords are much simpler. Learning some guitar stuff first would do her some good.
Banjo is indeed a lot different than guitar. Some will even argue that it is harder.

So no, it won't help much. Maybe a little, but not enough to get you by.
Learn Banjo
Play heavy metal on Banjo

it sounds great.
A lot of professional banjo players can go faster than guitarists.
First off, 90% of banjos are used in bluegrass, which is so unbelievably different from country i cant even put it into words. Second, the left hand style is pretty similar but if you plan to learn Scruggs style picking you are going to have to tackle a whole new beast.
Banjo ain't just country,listen to Ants of the Sky.
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the technique (especially right hand technique) is very very different, classical guitar might help, but traditional guitar won't help that much except for a bit with left hand technique, which you learn when starting banjo anyway.
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