For looks, the Kevin Bond Randy Rhoads Jackson Custom V. It's got Pentagrams for fret inlays
Epiphone G-400 Ebony
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Traynor YCV50Blue, Bass Mate 25, Guitar Mate 15
to many to list, schecters, ibanezes, ESPs, deans, jacksons, gibsons, fenders, PRSs, i know it sounds like im naming them all but you cant narrow down all of the great guitars to just one, come on, are you serious? i like guitars, period.
Gibson Les Paul. What can I say? its the ultimate guitar! (pun intended)
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you've been playing for 7 to 8 EIGHTS?

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My favorite factory-made guitars are Lagunas. They're freakin' sweet. I have an LE 222.
Gibson SGs are awesome, too. Can't forget the good ol' Strat, though. :3
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Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top, no pick guard, cherry sunburst.
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Music isn't the Olympics. It's not about showing other people what you can do with a piece of wood in your hands that has strings on, it's about making sounds that are good.