I'm saving up for a hollowbody electric guitar. So I went into the music store the other day and started talking to one of the employees. The guy told me that Ibanez was the best brand for low-price, yet high-quality hollowbody.

At first I was thinking about epiphone, but the guy basically told me it was crap. So I was wondering what your opinions are. Is the guy right or is he full of crap? What is the best brand for hollowbody electrics?
epiphone dots are decent
I'm in love with ibanez artcores
but if you have a lot of money you can't get better than a Gibson ES-335
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I've never heard Epiphones are crap. Go look at the reviews of the Epiphone Dot (semi-acoustic, it's hollow). Damn good ratings
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Epiphone Alleykat.

I recommend this all the time, and for good reason. It goes for around $300 used, and kicks the ass of my PRS.
Try a Hagstrom Viking. Low priced, yet high quality
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Not all epis are crap. The super cheap ones arent any good. You just gotta play the one you want to buy is all. You can find a really good one right next to a so so one. They have some quirks first thing you wanna do especially with a hollow body is put some tocktite on the threads of the output jack. Epis are really prone to this coming lose. And make sure the pots are tight they are a real pain to fix on a hollow body.
That guy is biased obviously

Every hollowbody epi that I've played is worth more than the price they're charging. They're good enough for Nick Valensi, Josh Homme, the Beatles, John Lee Hooker, do I really have to keep on going?

If you were to invest in a bigsby and some burstbuckers( or whatever pups you'd like) you'd have something that sounds like a gibson in your hands.

Also play all the guitars you are considering because there is no best brand when it comes to hollow bodies.
Well, it's not like me to chime my own bell, but I make some beautiful looking and sounding hollowbody guitars.

Guitars start at $1500.00 and include all the bells and whistles. I have 2 that will be completed soon, and can offer special pricing on those.

have a look: