Ok, I'v been laying for 7 months so bear with me.

I'm having alot of trouble in the song "Say Goodbye" by I Killed The Prom Queen

I can play the song perfectly up until this riff


I have trouble playing 5 on the 5th string to 5 on the fourth string right after another,
and trying to it without barring my finger and make the two notes sound clean and apart from eachother, instead of like a power chord.

Same with the

------7-------- : Part.

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Haha trust, me, I am.

I just don't know what method I should use.

Should i just lift my 1 finger up, to the string below/above it on the same fret reallllyyy fast, or cram two fingers on the fret for each string or what?
i would bar both 5th fret,4th and 5th string and roll off the 5th string and mute it
with my thumb when picking the 4th string.
if that makes any sence.