hey there. right now i am saving up for a new amp. i am torn between a marshall jcm 800 and a fender deluxe reverb, i know, completely different beasts.

i have decided that i would really like to go with that marshall roar so i will need another (cheaper!!!!!) amp for cleans. will the fender champ 600 deliver shimmering, glassy cleans? my epi vj just is not doing it (although great amp).

or if i go with the deluxe reverb will a pedal like the lovetone purple plexi be able to deliver that marshall roar?
I think you would be better off with a Crate V8, or a Blackheart combo for cleans. The only issue with the V8 is lack of a 3-band EQ, it just has a tone knob. But the Blackheart has an EQ, so you should be able to get your clean sound from that with some reverb.
You're pretty much asking for the impossible. Or at least impossible to get it perfect both ways.

IF you had the money...I'd get a JCM-800, AND a fender of some sort. The single channel JCM actually cleans up really well...but it doesn't sparkle like a fender.
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I actually really enjoy the JCM800 single channel's cleans, my cousin has one... you just roll back your guitar's volume control, and you'll get some nice cleans, roll it back up to 10, and get that Marshall roar
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Look at the brand new Tech 21 Sansamp style pedals. The British pedal does everything from AC30 overdrive, to JCM 800 crunch, to Van Halen high gain.
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try a Fuchs amp. there expensive but amazing!!! it can get the closest to a Marshall roar and a Fender clean in one amp that i have heard!! it has many settings too so it versitle, the only thing is its probably not he best for anything harder than AC DC or hard rock, but u can always get a Mt-2 pedal or sumthing.