what would you reccemend for me that's either a combo or a halfstack?

I have a Jackson Dinky left handed,

i play metal, and occasional blues and clean,

and my price range is 500.

thanks for the help,
500? Forget halfstacks.

I'd also think about maaaaaaaaybe saving up a little more. Your options then open up way more.


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Yeah, buy better quality to begin with,, save the extra dollars and buy a better amp
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so what would you reccemend

b-52 at-112 or at-212
randall rg50tc
bugera... 6260, 6262, 333, 333xl... etc.
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i'm looking for a gig amp,

Aren't we all?

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5150 is nice, but really has no clean channel worth speaking of.
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5150 is nice, but really has no clean channel worth speaking of.

Key words of TS "i play metal, and occasional blues and clean"

And the cleans are fine, if i can get a really nice fade to black clean tone out of one using emg 81's of all things it has decent cleans.