if there's anyone who can tell me, where can I find the World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 Soundtrack?, i know it's stupid for some people, but that game has really good rock songs.

If you don't know, but you read this, please write "i don't know" or "don't piss off" or something like that, it's just for knowing if people do read this stuff.
I don't know. And you could also look at the number of views instead of making us post this, but it's no big deal...
you can look on amazon or wikipedia, it's not that hard
...."this is what's best for me, for you, for us, or maybe just for me", i thought...
it doesn't matter if it's the tracks (files) or only the track list, the deal is how can i find it, and i tried on the wikipedia but it isn't there, but i'll try on Ares and Limewire...