Which one comes out on top? Relatively the same price, and ill be using it for guitar and vocals. I've heard people saying tone port sucks, and then some people saying fast track sucks. Im a little confused on which ones to pick.


oh and i read that fast track came bundled with ableton. does that mean all the effects is solely off of the ableton program? can i plug a tone port and use abletons effects as well and vice versa?
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I used gearbox a while ago but forget if you can use other interfaces with it...
I do know both of these interfaces can be used with other software for amp/FX modeling such as Amplitube.

As for the comparison between these budget interfaces. I'm sure they are fairly similar in every way. If you are looking for great quality sound you should really spend more. These units are made for small home studios where you don't need high quality.

also theres the Emu 0202, 0404, and Mackie Onyx Satellite interfaces in the $130 - $200 price range. They all give much better bang for the buck IMO.

When I had a toneport I thought the unit itself was nice and it sounded ok but Gearbox was a huge letdown when it came to the distortion FX for guitar...
I also had a ton of trouble with the vista drivers back then. They just kept crashing at an average of 5 times per day.