not sure exactly how to adjust my guitar which is fitted with a Floyd so that it can support the strings when i tune them to d-c etc. without sinking into the body etc. i know that i have to tighten or loosen the springs in the back cavity but im not sure. i hav never been bothered to learn how to do this previously becuase i also hav a hardtail bc rich which i used for down tuning but its not as nice to play..

help would be appreciated without the name calling ie. noob. im no guitar noob im just not sure with the specifics.
thx advance
just remove one spring and evenly space the rest. once you tune the bridge should float back where it suppose to be

oh yea dont forget to loosen the strings to about slack first or it will be hard to take out the spring
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i hav 3 springs in it what position should i put then in?

like should then all be straight with the neck? or still on an angle?
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If you're just tuning, you need an Allen wrench. See your nut? Your funny looking 3[prong like] nut? That's what's holding the strings in tune. Simply loosen those, tune to whatever standard you like, and make sure your bridge tuners are down all the way so you can down-tune to drop. Or if you like to go between standard and D just have them all the way out and then just turn them in for E or half-way for Eb I think. Either way if you simply examine the mechanics of your guitar you can do whatever you want with it.

Well that still plays in effect, but yea, springs...I didn't read the whole thing. You could always adjust string width. =]
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nah, you definitely have to make a spring adjustment. if you're changin gauge of strings as well.

there are online tut's on how to do this, but i'd reccommend going to a pro, and watching them do it (if possible). it's the best way to learn, without ruining your axe.

no need to angle the springs...keep them straight. just make sure they are evenly spaced and you are fine